It is the highest of highs and lowest of lows, isn’t it? We begin with romanticized images of parenthood but real parenting often bears little resemblance to a Hallmark commercial. Charged with this responsibility of caring for and leading these young lives, we often feel overwhelmed and inadequate. Challenged by infants and toddlers who test our endurance, stretched by children who test our patience, and confronted with teens who constantly test limits and frequently test our sanity. One cartoon has a mother and father in an apparent stand-off with an arms-crossed teenager. In the final frame, the father leans over and whispers to the mother, “Let’s look like we know what we’re doing.”

Counseling seeks first to solidify the parents as teammates. It is vital for parents to be unified in their parenting decisions (not necessarily parenting styles). From there counseling can address specific child-focused issues.

Single Parenting

Ramon was raised in a single parent home throughout his early childhood and adolescent years. From Presson’s own personal experience and from his work with DivorceCare and DivorceCare for Kids he brings to the table a genuine empathy, admiration, and deep understanding of the constant challenges and multiples stressors single parents face on a daily basis. Custodial parents often feel absolutely overwhelmed by the solo management of a household, keeping a job, running a taxi service, cooking, tutoring, and entertaining. Non-custodial parents frequently struggle with a profound grief that is too often overlooked and minimized because absence from their children is agony.

Whether it is a custodial parent who feels they are going under or a non-custodial parent who feels lost, there is hope and there is help.

Blended Family

The Brady Bunch made it look it easy…and with six kids! Funny, I don’t ever remember Marsha ever screaming at Mr. Brady, “Get outta my face—you’re not my real Dad!” I don’t recall Mr.& Mrs. Brady getting into a heated argument over Mrs. Brady’s “excessive discipline” of his son, Bobby. I can’t even remember even one instance of an ex-spouse creating chaos over weekend visitation, holidays or summer vacation.

And how many blended families can afford a live-in maid like Alice?

One mother remarked about her newly blended family, “ My husband and I thought it would be like a peaceful merger of two friendly companies. My kids have reacted as though it was a hostile takeover.”

Marriage is challenging. Re-marriage is a real test. Parenting is an adventure. Single Parenting is an expedition. Blending families with the re-marriage of two single parents…now there is some drama. But the parents and children of blended families can (believe it or not) peacefully co-exist and cooperate…and without a live-in maid.

The Most Published Practicing Therapist in Tennessee

Ramon is the creator and co-author with Dr. Gary Chapman of Love Talks for Couples and Love Talks for Families.

He is also the author of five Serendipity House/LifeWay books:

Vital Pursuits: Developing My Spiritual Life;

Intentional Choices: Discovering Contentment in Stressful Times

Recovering From Divorce: Overcoming the Death of A Dream;

Radical Reconciliation: The Journey of Forgiveness

Beyond the Shadows: Hope for Overcoming Depression.

He is co-author of The Secret Seductress: Breaking the Destructive Cycle of Pornography

Ramon’s newest book "When Will My Life Not Suck? Authentic Hope for the Disillusioned" was released in 2011.

A weekly newspaper columnist, Presson has written feature articles for Marriage Partnership, Discipleship Journal, Christian Single, and Single Adult Ministry Journal.

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