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We All Need Them

Often the hardest step is the first one. Acknowledging the need for help. Picking up the phone and making a call. Making an appointment. Counseling can seem so, so…mysterious. But it’s really not. It’s a lot like talking to a really good friend who understands you. Counseling takes the extra step in understanding at a deeper level and offers guidance, support, and accountability for change.

But you’re an intelligent person and you’re thinking, “I should know how to deal with this!” You’ve thought about it, prayed about it, read articles and books about it, perhaps even talked with a trusted friend about it. But you still feel stuck.

Perhaps I can help. I don’t profess to be an expert at everything, so below I have listed some of the issues for which I have expertise.

Individual Concerns

Grief Recovery
Separation Adjustment/Divorce Recovery
Men’s Issues
Single Adult Issues
Single Parenting
Pastors & Ministry Leaders

The Most Published Practicing Therapist in Tennessee

Ramon is the creator and co-author with Dr. Gary Chapman of Love Talks for Couples and Love Talks for Families.

He is also the author of five Serendipity House/LifeWay books:

Vital Pursuits: Developing My Spiritual Life;

Intentional Choices: Discovering Contentment in Stressful Times

Recovering From Divorce: Overcoming the Death of A Dream;

Radical Reconciliation: The Journey of Forgiveness

Beyond the Shadows: Hope for Overcoming Depression.

He is co-author of The Secret Seductress: Breaking the Destructive Cycle of Pornography

Ramon’s newest book "When Will My Life Not Suck? Authentic Hope for the Disillusioned" was released in 2011.

A weekly newspaper columnist, Presson has written feature articles for Marriage Partnership, Discipleship Journal, Christian Single, and Single Adult Ministry Journal.

Magazine Articles

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Newspaper Columns

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